Based on the personality and physical traits of his then partner David Paul Brown, William O. Tyler created the villainous Ratboy for a webcomic titled Lynx Girl and Friends, but the character never actually made an appearance before the webcomic ended. Despite this, David Paul Brown loved Ratboy so much that he still created a costume of him and appeared at many conventions in full rat regalia, and garnered  much popularity!

You read that right... Ratboy is most known as a booth babe, appearing live at conventions through the early 2000s!

David Paul Brown, who became influential within the queer comics scene thanks to his work with the non-profit organization Prism Comics, passed in 2014. In memoriam, a short comic was released not long after, allowing Ratboy to finally make his first comic appearance.

The Night of the Living Ratboy one-shot features the character in a short story that includes many of David Paul Brown's favorite things, including nods to horror movies, silly pranks, and a whole horde of rats!

Hopefully it won't be the last we see of Ratboy...

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