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Cinephilia is a webcomic I've created to celebrate the art form of film and explore its impact both on the world at large and on a more personal level. It's fun and silly while also tackling serious topics such as representation and whitewashing in the media.

The webcomic can be read exclusively on Patreon for free. If you'd like to become a patron to support the comic, you'll get early access to brand new pages and behind the scenes work, as well as written movie reviews and video discussions, depending on the level at which you decide to support.

Cinephilia is now also a show!

Perception Studio has invited me to host Cinephilia, a live talk show spin-off of the webcomic, with co-host Art Vega on Twitch!

Tune in Sunday evenings at 6:30pm pacific time to twitch.tv/perceptionstudio to not only watch but also actively join in on the discussion.