William O. Tyler started the webcomic Cinephilia in 2016 as an outlet to explore the movie medium, expressing his thoughts, ramblings and analysis on the art form of film. Through both long form, multi-page comics that tackle more serious topics and funner short comic strips, (and now a talk show!), Cinephilia examines how film shapes and shifts with culture and society.

Original Mission Statement:

"Hello. My name is William O. Tyler, and I’m a cinephile.

I’ve always had a deep love for the movies, starting as a kid with animation and everything fantastical. As I got older and my genres expanded, I noticed that filmmaking was a perfect storytelling medium for almost any story. As an artist and creator, I began to see and study the form and function of film and how its different aspects come together to create such beauty on the screen. In college, I majored in Visual Communications and minored in Critical Cinema. Since then, my love for the movies has only grown and grown, to the point that I often can not conceal how strongly a movie has affected me, not that I usually try to.



I have sometimes found it hard to walk the line between being a fan, spending large amounts of time loving the works of others to the extent of bringing great and enjoyable escapism, and being my own artist, trying to express and tell my own stories in addition to staying relevant to the important issues in the world at large that it would be absolutely detrimental to escape from. In the last couple of years particularly, I’ve gotten more into writing movie reviews, recording trailer reaction videos and more, but nothing I’ve done has felt like a way to access and share my love of movies in a way that is both fulfilling and productive to myself and the world around me. So, what could I possibly do that would be fun and informative but not actually take away too much time from work, real life and, naturally, getting to actually watch all of those movies?

Then it hit me! Why not start a webcomic all about my thoughts and ramblings on film? Here, I can be as silly or serious about the medium as I want, creating comics that explore my personal love for film as well as the way it shapes and shifts, helps or hinders, our culture and society, done at my own pace, whenever ideas come and time permits, simultaneously using it to experiment with and fine-tune my own creative works, keeping my drawing hand fresh and warm between other projects.

Why had I not thought of this before? Probably because I was in a darkened theater too busy gripping my seat. Now that my eyes have adjusted to the light again, I’m very excited to explore the celluloid, and the digital.

Welcome to my Cinephilia." - William O. Tyler, Sept. 2016

Cinephilia comics can be read in full on Patreon at

Cinephilia: The Show

In 2018, Perception Studio invited William O. Tyler to turn Cinephilia into a weekly movie talk show! Every week William is joined by his co-host Art Vega to review movies, share movie news and discuss in depth current and classic topics in the film industry, while practicing conscious escapism. Occasionally surprise special guests join in to give a unique perspective.

As the show is live and interactive on Twitch, audience members can also jump into the chat and weigh in on topics with their own opinions and perspective, creating robust conversations about movies and what they mean to people not only on an individual level, but also socially and culturally.

Tune in to Cinephilia live every Monday at 5:30pm, pacific time.


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